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Stage Productions / Event & Incentive Branding / Apps & Digital / Brand Architecture / Creative Strategies / Activations & Exhibitions / Innovation


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KLCK is an award-winning through-the-line creative agency. At KLCK, we believe that problems are mere opportunities for innovation. Our non-traditional approach to the creative landscape ensures that our projects enjoy an out-of-the-box solution, uniquely crafted with the perfect mix of strategy, knowledge and passion.

We tell memorable stories through end-to-end stage productions.

We build together with our clients through creative brand architecture.

We enhance experiences through event and incentive branding.

Whether we are designing and developing mobile apps and digital platforms, shaping creative strategies, building exhibition stands or driving activations, we are sure to let innovation be our creative compass.

Uncompromising, innovative minds find a playground in the KLCK Creative Studio. Our culture endorses inventive solutions based on pushing boundaries, defeating parameters and thereby providing our clients with the best creative answer to their business challenges.

Stage Productions

By carefully weaving various forms of performance arts together, we keep audiences engaged and entertained with our custom-crafted end-to-end stage productions – immersing them into a world where anything is possible; where imagination lives unconstrained – where they can be fully alive.

Apps & Digital

Our digital design and development team is perfectly poised to use the latest research on digital technology and trends to provide the mobile or online solution, optimising usage and providing interactive platforms, tailor-made for your business needs.

Event & Incentive Branding

Our bespoke event and incentive branding and production team is committed to providing engaging experiences and emotive stories with the latest printing trends, creative gift options, personalised mobile platforms and unconventional experience touch points that will make your brand come alive.

Brand Architecture

By ensuring that we share and understand our clients’ dreams and aspirations, we create corporate identities. We make brands – big or small – come alive. Our conceptual team will help you come up with creative concepts that will put your brand on the map and in front of the right people at the right time and with the right message.

Creative Strategies

At KLCK Creative, our custom-built brand strategies bridge the gap between traditional media and the world of digital. We are passionate about amplifying the unique stories that our clients aim to tell in a new media landscape where lines are often blurred. Whether through sharable social media content or getting the influencers talking, we have the skill set to make it happen.

Activations & Exhibitions

We believe in crafting unforgettable, distinctive stories to convey our clients’ narratives in unique ways with our broad range of tactical installations while always keeping up with the latest technology. We create memorable, immersive experiences, using the avenue most conducive to the concepts and strategies at hand, to make our clients’ brands the talk of the town.


Excellence, integrity and originality are at the heart of each client’s brand engagement strategy and communication campaign.


We choose consistency; to have a reason. We choose to reach key business objectives with our clients – to be problem solvers. We believe in ideas – to challenge boundaries and move parameters while building sustainable relationships.

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