Florence Incentive AV Production


End-to-end AV Production | Script Writing | Stage Design | Storyboarding | 3D & 2D Motion Graphics | Interactive Choreography | Stage Calling | On-site Technical Execution


Project Info

The client’s top performers were rewarded with an overseas incentive week in Tuscany. Florence provided the perfect canvas for a destination gala dinner in their honour and allowed the guests to witness the mastery of Renaissance inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei.

A fully scripted creative production highlighted the core values shared by these Renaissance greats and the incentive winners. Guests journeyed through a narrative of big dreamers and their humble beginnings. They were able to identify themselves with those who achieved by thinking beyond the limitations of their time. The venue, an exclusive Renaissance palace, came alive with the use of 3D mapping, large LED screens, interactive dancers and talented local performers as they shared in this experience of excellence through the ages.