Hey Lily Artist Brand Identity – Faux Project


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Project Info

Albert Einstein believed that “creativity is intelligence having fun” and that is exactly what the bright minds in the KLCK Creative Studio were up to when Hey Lily was crafted.

Hey Lily is a brand identity for an aspiring female musician, derived from a casual greeting form. Her name is strategically used for brand reinforcement when it becomes her stage tradition – as she greets the crowd, they will reply with: “Hey, Lily”. Her logo uses word play relating to this greeting, in the form of a nostalgic old-fashioned telephone, which also speaks to Lily’s personality. She is a down-to-earth musician, true to her roots, a persona that her audience can easily relate to. The use of colour, 100% magenta, illustrates that Lily is strong, yet unapologetically female. No other colours are mixed in, to support the notion that she is confident and transparent.