Hong Kong Sevens Incentive Branding


Incentive Website Design | Emailer Invitation Design | Personalised Gift Embroidery | Personalised Itineraries | Destination-inspired Dinner Menu

Project Info

Research has proven that incentive programmes that offer a travel prize are most effective in driving behaviour among staff members. Winners feel more appreciated and the impact lasts longer. The Hong Kong Sevens provided the perfect hook for sales teams to reach greater heights.

The destination-themed incentive look and feel design ensured that the employee complement was constantly reminded of the amazing prize up for grabs. This golden thread was applied to the online incentive portal that kept potential winners up to date on the latest sales figures for the six months leading up to the trip. The winners received bespoke incentive-branded travel wallets, branded luggage tags, personalised itinerary booklets and specially printed money pockets, getting them excited about their “Next Big Trip”.