Jaguar Land Rover Aftersales Voucher System


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Project Info

Jaguar Land Rover South Africa required a game-changing through-the-line marketing campaign to win back customers who own vehicles with expired service plans. Measurement was no longer just a buzzword; it was a necessity – a key success factor in any sales drive.

SC C.R.M., in partnership with KLCK, created a first-to-market campaign that provided the client with that critical combination of measurability and increased take-up year on year. Annually, databases cleanses are conducted where customers are identified and offered a discount service voucher redeemable at any Jaguar Land Rover dealership. Once these services were completed, the dealership could log into a custom-built online voucher redemption system to process the voucher. The system captured all financial transactions and provided head office with an integrated SAP report to complete the redemption loop and measure its success.