Jaguar Land Rover Mobile Clothing Store


Store Design & Build | Shop Fitting | Sales Staff Training | On-site Store Management | Storage Management & Stock Control | Monthly Reporting


Project Info

Jaguar Land Rover offers brand enthusiasts a premium range of clothing and accessories known as the JLR Lifestyle Collection. This collection required an exclusive sales strategy with two main campaign goals: driving brand awareness as well as increased traffic to the online shopping portal.

KLCK conceptualised and built a modular clothing store that could easily be set up at vehicle shows, indoor or outdoor exhibitions and in shopping malls, partnering with the vehicle displays. Sales staff were vetted and trained on the specific brand attributes, unique selling points and design rationales of each piece in the collection. An end-to-end solution was delivered – including design and production of support collateral, building of the stand, break down and storage, stock management and reporting – as this retail space joined its creative muse, the vehicles, on a journey around the country.