Land Rover Discovery Park Branding


Vector Illustration | Emailer Invitation & RSVP Online Portal Design | Entertainment Park Large-format Branding | Branded Food Packaging


Project Info

The All New Land Rover Discovery boasts capabilities far beyond those of its predecessors. Land Rover invited their A-list prospect clients to an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take these vehicles to task – on a custom-built extreme driving course.

SC Experiences is known to not only book event venues, but to create them – offering their clients that competitive X factor sought after by all vehicle brands. KLCK supported SC Experiences by transforming a conventional extreme driving experience into an exclusive entertainment landscape. Themed illustrated maps of the venue and colour-coded branded lanyards with tailor-designed itineraries reinforced the theme throughout the day. Amusement park-themed food stations enhanced the catering experience with exclusive event-branded food packaging. 4×4 driving ramps were covered completely, transforming them into landscapes from around the globe.