Zanzibar Incentive Branding


Mixed Media Incentive Collateral | Tactical Design & Production | Personalised Itineraries | Destination-inspired Dinner Menu

Project Info

Zanzibar Island is also known as the jewel of the ocean, wrapped in beaches that rate among the finest in the world. Visitors are able to swim while dolphins frolic offshore and luminous fish graze over nearby coral gardens.

Through the strategic use of mixed media, the rustic tactical feel of the island is translated into the winners’ interaction with the brand, echoing the juxtaposition of palm trees earthed in sandy white beaches and embraced by charming ocean waters. The combination of engraved and laser-cut wood with the smooth surface of Perspex is complemented by hand-made beach bags printed with colourful Swahili patterns – creating an immersive experience through every incentive touch point.