Exhibitions using the latest Technology

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Activations & Exhibitions

Exhibitions and Trade Shows are ideal platforms for the use of some of the most interesting digital technological innovations. These range from useful to fascinating, but they all have two things in common. The first is that they have transformed the creative possibilities available to organisers of trade shows and exhibitions; the second is the ROI from exhibitions, already good before, is now maximised.

 Event Infrastructure Technology:

There are a number of digital technology applications that help event organisers:

  • Get the right attendees
  • Have those attendees advocate for the event – both prior to and after the event
  • Increase the scope of event. Exhibits are backed by websites, interactive event guides (digital brochures) that allow attendees to choose what information they want, how much, and when – both at the event, and after the event.
  • Include virtual event components such as livestreaming and virtual attendance

These applications range from social media and date collection from social media and other date sources- including wearable technology, mobile apps and on-site tablets that augment the main displays and allow attendees to decide on or participate in what they are shown. 

Interactive Trade Show Displays and Exhibits:

The days of static displays are long gone! 3D Displays can be presented using holograms that respond to user interaction. This can be manual, by choosing options on the display itself, or through mobile event apps that link to the displays.
Holographic displays, virtual reality and 3D an 4D video, with surround sound and other components, can be fully immersive and interactive, using:

  • Touchscreen technology: attendees can touch the screen to manipulate what is show
  • Voice recognition technology: They can ask a video display questions and have it answer them in teal time.
  • Movement recognition tech: The video responds to the movements of watchers.
  • Addition of sound, smell, movement, and temperature components in 4D displays and video.

These technological innovations have redefined the scope of exhibitions and trade shows. They can be fully, or party virtual. They can be informative and entertaining. They bring your brand to life! They can drive sales at the event itself, and further – far further than before. This makes exhibitions and trade shows more valuable than at any point in marketing history.

Exceptional ROI is guaranteed with the integrated use of the various digital technologies, to create unique, engaging, targeted, fully immersive, and exceptionally entertaining exhibitions.

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